Sabtu, 28 Agustus 2010

Happy Ending

In the dark night, I don't know where a place I must going. Just afraid and pray
"I hope my prince will hold my hand and take me to somewhere new". I am walking with confuse and afraid.

one day my "imagination" it's to be a reality. I see you in the speck of light.
you hold my hand and talk to me
"don't afraid I am here beside you and I will make you laugh in happiness".
I just listen your voice and see your eyes, I can't talk, I am confuse with my feeling and pray "I hope it's real and it isn't just a dream"
I am quiet and isn't believe it.
you said "do you want walk with me and make a happiness together? I want you here beside me, cry, and laugh together with me"
I am smiling to you and talk "I want it my prince, I am waiting you here for a long time"
and I cry on your shoulder.
you stroked my hair and talk to me "don't cry because you're not alone here"

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